rad right now 2.28.16

On my feet OVER THE ANKLE BOOTIE : so we all know that ankle booties are the new shoe of choice if we’re not rocking some OTKs (over the knee boots). Riding boots that hit right below the knee make me sad for some reason recently. I think it might be because I’ve discovered such an amazing boot option that mixes it up a bit. Sure, the ankle bootie is cute, versatile and accessible as you can and will find it in almost every boutique. But the JAAB (just above the ankle boot…yes I just made that up…unless it’s already a coined term, and in that case, sorry to the original) is a boot that says, “I want to be different, chic, but still practical. Oh, and I look great with culottes, by the way”. Right now I’m loving the pointed toe, chunky or funky heel JAAB. Be different, babes. Go get yourself a pair.  

 On my neck LARIAT : the secret’s out; I’m a total fan of the boho-southwestern look. Oh wait, not s secret at all. One of my fave bloggers (Alternative Indigo / Alexis Jade Kaiser) sports this super rad style 24/7 and I can imagine dozens of her outfits that wouldn’t be complete without this new necklace trend hitting her scene. It’s the love child of a choker and a super long wrap belt. Sounds crazy, but man do I dig this look. It’s edgy while keeping it boho and are for the most part leather or suede. Usually accented with some metal end pieces or charms, they look awesome with just about any neckline and add some pizazz to an otherwise mundane outfit. Looking for the next thing in jewelry? Bored of simple long pendant necklaces or the basic bib necklaces? Me too. Jump on the rad train and try a lariat.  

  On my body MOCK NECK: this trend was heavy during the midst of winter, with sweaters, jackets, and layering tops. However, there’s no need to leave this trend behind when the seasons change. Try a simple ribbed mock neck tank with distressed denim shorts and a gladiator sandal. Want to wear this trend in a more formal way? There are some fabulous cocktail dresses with this neckline in all fits: shift, fit & flare, drop waist. Try a mock neck when layering under vests or kimonos in the spring, or while it’s still chilly, under your favorite leather leather jacket or oversized sweater.  


the crown fits Purrfectly 

How rad is this mural on the side of C. Grace on Glenwood Avenue? When Carl and I read about the Raleigh Murals Project, we automatically knew the location of our first photoshoot since his return from Colorado.

With such a vibrant backdrop for this shoot, I wanted to keep my look seemingly simple with minor details. I think all black is always a good idea, but pulled in some of the lighter colors from the mural with a structured white leather jacket. My leggings are a conversation starter every time I wear them and I totally understand why. I got these babies about two years ago and the mesh panels are super different from what I’ve seen in most of the leggings out there now. As for my kicks, the cheetah high tops are my current fave that I probably wear a tad too often. They’re stupid comfortable and always catching glances or compliments. Last but definitely not least, my chunky Dylan Lex-like bib necklace is the perfect statement piece to tie this edgy look together.

Oh, I didn’t forget about the crown; how stellar does this look on me? Yeah, it’s Purrfect.

  • Jacket: BBDakota
  • Tee: fab’rik Raleigh
  • Leggings: Forever21
  • Sneakers: Aerosoles
  • Necklace: Mirinia Collections


Fringe is my third favorite “F” word

Fashion is number one and I’ll let you all use your creative license on figuring out the second. Keeping the blog PG over here…

Well, Friday isn’t in the top three, but it comes in a close fourth. We shot this post’s outfit on Friday afternoon at the NC Art Musuem at a fairly new exhibit overlooking the pond. Carl, being the creative genius he is, scouted out the spot and we took it from there.

This post features a stunning Italian leather and cowhide tote made by my ever-talented and always on point photographer. Wait, so you can take super rad photos, you’re really trendy, and you can make stellar, one of a kind handbags??? I’m not saying I have one of the coolest best friends ever, but wait, yes; I have one of the coolest best friends ever.

  • High-low top, slip, fringe booties, brallette, bangle, and ring: fab’rik Raleigh
  • T-drop necklace: Lightyears
  • Tote bag: Carl Wilkins
  • Sunnies: Charlotte Russe
  • Photography: Carl Wilkins

For any inquiries about custom handbags from Carl Wilkins, please email me for his contact information.

As always, babes…

A snake preview into Fall

Ready for a sssnake peak into my fall wardrobe? Punny, right? Ha ha.

So with my favorite season just around the corner, I’ve been itching for some pre-fall and transition pieces to start wearing. Although it’s still hot as all get out, any time I can throw on a light jacket, I get super pumped to pull this dark rust number out of the closet.

Let me just tell you about the Meremaid fall color palette: olive, black, oxblood, charcoal, and rust. Oh and there’s the Pantone color of the year, Marsala, which is what I would expect if oxblood and deep purple had a baby. Any and all of these colors are my friends and you can expect to see them on the blog quite a bit this fall.

We just happened upon this location after exploring Glenwood South and going into Ornamentea. This wall was right outside of the store and immediately we knew we found the money spot.

  • Jacket: H&M
  • Burnout tee: fab’rik
  • Distressed boyfriend shorts: fab’rik
  • Crisp Cross Bralettes: fab’rik
  • Suede Oxfords: DSW
  • Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff
  • Snake Skin Cuff: Good Girl Studios
  • Makeup: Lisa Munn for Chanel
  • Photography: Carl Lee Wilkins

Get ready for fall, ya’ll and as always…

southern reBELLEion

Catchy post title, eh? You know that phase you had in your teens when your curfew was so un-cool and your parents were even more un-cool? Yeah, your rebellious stage. Well, when I was shooting for this week’s post, my photographer Carl looked at me and said, “Alright, we’re adding some edge to this little southern dress, so let’s see it.” I suppose my face got a bit serious and I stared at the camera. Moments later, he busts out laughing and says, “Ok, you look like your mom just called and you’re in trouble for staying out past curfew. But you’re totally rebellious so you don’t even care.” Apparently my “angsty teen” look comes a little too easily. But hey, since I never really was a bad-ass, at least it’s fun to pretend.

Now on to the good stuff: the outfit. I was lucky enough for an awesome, locally-based company called Frill Clothing to reach out to me about doing a blog post featuring one of their new boutique wear dresses. Of course I was pumped after not only seeing them on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, but after watching their company grow with a founder in a fellow North Carolina State alumi. Not only is the company headed by one Wolfpacker, she’s also an alumni of the NCSU Greek system, just like me! Well it does make sense, seeing as the company began and focuses on sorority recruitment clothing. I know that sororities are often associated with preppy and southern style. If you know me at all, you know I had to turn this idea on its head for my look with the “Mint on my Mind” dress that I received.

I decided to go with an acid wash men’s button down with studded collar and pocket detailing from Urban Outfitters for my first accessory. Next, my staple white high-top Chuck Taylors were a given. I added a gold choker and some spike bracelets from fab’rik to set off the detailing on the shirt without overpowering or taking away from the simplicity of the shift dress. The awesome round, peach sunnies are from Forever 21. Now the back of this dress from Frill is what makes it really stand out. The low back and crochet detail catches your eye and makes for a great summer piece.

Next time you want to relive your rebellious, angsty teen phase, throw on some studded accessories, chucks, and make a real serious face. Apparently that’s as close to bad-to-the-bone as I’m going to get.

THANKYOU again to Frill Clothing for this awesome shift dress. I can’t wait to ya’ll to see how I style it next!

As always…

Check out Frill Clothing by clicking on this link!  No Frill, No Fun!

Want to shop this dress in particular? Here ya go! Mint on my Mind

olive juice

Do you remember doing that? Mouthing “olive juice” and it totally looked like you were saying “I love you”? If you don’t, I’m not sure what else you missed out on during middle school… Clearly I was in the know.

All jokes aside, I do love the color olive. Lately I’ve been craving it to the point where I now own 3 new pieces in the exact same color that I’ve attained in the past couple of weeks. As summer approaches I think I’m wanting it to bring out any olive I have in my poor, un-tanned skin tone. Plus, the color is amazing with black, gold, or silver… all of which I love.

In this outfit I’m wearing my favorite new summer dress from Urban Outfitters, this olive, high-neck jersey swing dress. It’s unbelievably comfortable and super flattering on most any figure. My fringe kimono is an oldie but goodie from Forever 21, along with my killer gold detailed hat and mixed metal bangle. Leave it to fab’rik Raleigh to accessorize me with fabulous rings and my Fabulina Designs long arrowhead necklace. I wrapped it twice to make it into a choker that I layered with my engraved bar necklace from Etsy. Now for my kicks… these beauties are calf hair Dolce Vita heels that I snagged from Belk on sale recently. We’re in love and that’s it, period. My purse is from the same thrift shop as the little white babe from my last post. Photography: Carl Wilkins Jr.

I hope you all enjoy the sweet pics, and as always…